Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring, Easter, smiles!!!

My Fabulous Fancy Emily herself with her purple sparkle shades!

Superhero Noah and his saving the world pose!

Natalie and her always so happy to see you smiles! Walking and loving it!!!!

Spring has finally come today but have heard it will be short lived with rain and snow in the forcast for tonight! Happy Easter to all! So thankful for our Savior that lives to bring joy and love to all! And the joy that you feel from having children, I can only imagine the love He has for us is even more then the love I have for my little ones, and I have alot, alot!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ground Hogs DAY!!!!

SO one of my husbands favorite movies is Ground Hogs Day! Yes that one that goes on and on with what's his name... anyway that one guy, living the same day over and over!!! It's funny and a cute love story by the end! He just had to figure out how to not live so selfishly! Wouldn't it be good if we could relive some of our selfish moments and NOT BE SO SELFISH, the next time! well we can't so I have too daily remember that my life is not my own, I was bought with an amazing price, and I can do better then to get tired of my kids bugging me daily when I am trying to get something done! I love that I was blessed and given charge of 3 of the most amazing kids ever! And in honor of Ground Hogs Day (which the ground hog I'm sure will most definitely see his shadow) I just want to take a moment and encourage you and me!!!! That yes kiddos can sometimes test our patience:) but we were given the most amazing task of being their MOM! And their lives were not just handed over to us by some joker from who knows were, but given to us by the almighty God! He picked you and only you to parent those children, your children, His children! He loves that you are doing that even when we are not perfect or we get a bad attitude, he still loves us. So LOVE them and show them how much you LOVE them all the time! I am going to work on this so I hope you all will too! And maybe while we are at it lets read and maybe even memorize 1 Corinthians 13! Just so we know that we are showing them the right kind of love:) Love you!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before the end of the Year!!!!!

So I thought that since my husband was so generous this Christmas and got our family internet (that has not been working as well as we would like... anyway side note ha) that I would commit again to all of you to update and blog more often!!! Sorry for my lag in letting you all see my kiddos growing up. They as cute as ever and I intend to do my best to make sure that my family and friends especially all you that have moved away from good Ol' Great Falls, Montana... see the progress of home, kids, church, love, life, and my loving father God more often! Love you all see you more often in 2011!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Haircut time!

I have been cutting my hubby's hair since we were first married. A good friend taught me and I have been doing it ever since. Well now, since I have another boy in the family I get the joy of cutting his hair too! I really also just wanted you all to get to see the funny little guy we get to be around daily. He sat very nicely for the whole thing, but of course for all almost 2 year olds was very happy when the job was done. The haircut didn't turn out too bad either!!!
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Time??

You would have maybe never known that it was my little Noah and Emily sitting on the front steps one spring day for lunch!! The shoes tell a different kind of story. As I am sure all you mom's know when your little ones go through that stage where they want to wear shoes. It does not matter who's, the size, the make , the model, the color... they just want SHOES!!! So Noah of coarse loves his sisters most of all! At least they were not playing dress up, this morning otherwise it would have been beautiful pink heels that he would have been out there in. Just like the other day when we were at my neighbors to let the kids play and he came out with ones with hot pink feathers!!! The husband of my neighbor really did not know what to do, so he called it "CUTE!" Ha ha! I love my kiddos and love that they bring an interesting outlook on life. Soon becoming the ages of 2 and 4 they never cease to bring joy to my life!

Can't wait for more days that we can enjoy the sun in the outdoors! If the snow and cold weather will ever stop! So from a loving summer kind of gal, I am really looking forward to it! Flowers, dirt, grass, bugs, rays, and the enjoyment of the outdoors here we come. Hopefully!
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Natalie Olivia Fleming

Finally writing about our third beautiful child that was born January 6th, 2010.
Weighing in at about 6lbs 6oz. And only a mere 19 inches long. Today she is 2 months old, she is over 11 lbs and a little over 21 inches long. She is for sure our little chunky monkey! Short and Round!!! She is a wonderful baby, just a little sad if she ever gets gas.....
We found a sad little umbilical hernia that causes her such pain when she gets even the least bit of gas, so it makes for some rough feeding sessions if she is tired or mommy didn't eat quite the best food for her! But of course Noah and Emily love her tons and always want to fill her face with kisses!

We love our little sweet heart!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


The faces full of green slime! The cry of a little one without their next dose of medicine. What is a mom to do that does not have enough lap space for two! And yet we are having another. If you could only see me now with my one and three year peering into the computer one on each leg holding on for dear life just wanting some snuggles to make the sickness feel better!!! Back to the little ones!!
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